How I See Fashion

When I say the word fashion, most people think I’m talking about what I chose to wear that day, what color looks best on me, or what’s on sale at the closest Rue 21.   Almost like it’s a childish word used when playing with Barbies at a friends house.

Fashion is a lot of different things. Fashion takes boldness. It requires a mindset not based off of the opinions of others or even what is considered right or wrong, but one that is determined to let it’s creativity flow without fear of judgmental eyes or disapproving opinions.

It’s mixing shapes and patterns and colors and everything in between. Trying new things, thinking outside of the box. I’ll tell you this, if everyone loves your outfit, you’re doing it wrong.  You’re playing it safe, your playing it simple, you’re going with what works.

Not to say that simple wardrobes are a terrible thing, but when you’re in the fashion industry, into style and into design and wanting to move forward in these ever-changing empires, you’ve got to learn to step outside of what is normal and branch out into what is uncommon.

New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week are two of my favorite events of the year. While I have yet to reach my goal of attending (SOON!!!), following online and seeing all the new, beautiful and disturbing works of art created by these top designers is  INSPIRING.  And the street style!!!!!!  Sometimes the looks of the attendees are even more breathtaking then those of the show! It’s SO cool to see people of all different walks of life, different incomes, different occupations, from different places all over the world, in the same place showing off their own unique style.

That takes me to my last and most important point. It doesn’t make sense, but it does, so stick with me here.  

I believe that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion on fashion, styling, and design, but no one should actually have an opinion. 

What I mean by this is that everyone should  be able to have an opinion on what they think looks best, etc. but I don’t think that opinion should matter outside of their own wardrobe. Everyone has different looks, different styles, different tastes that are specific to them and them alone, and I don’t think it’s right for anyone to tell you what works for you and what looks good on you.

Obviously there are things like magazines that recommend new trends, my own blog posts about what’s in and what’s out of season, things like that, and paid stylists whose job is to literally tell you how to dress. But I’m not talking about them, they are there to help you along your fashion journey (Anna Wintour is cringing right now), and to help you figure out what you can do to up your styling game. But ultimately it is your own thoughts on it all that make the final decision. 

Ultimatley, let it be you. Who cares what everyone else thinks. Coming from a girl who’s lived in the middle of Missouri her whole life, do not pay attention to the weird glances or the rude little comments like, “oh, that outfit is....interesting...” . Those people literally have no clue what they are talking about. Do you, boo😘