Christmas in Branson 2017

Yeah, Christmas was a while ago, whatever. I've been pretty busy with work and volleyball lately, but anyways...

Christmas. Branson. Kaelyn. Natalie.

First of all, CHRISTMAS- The season that we celebrate the birth of Christ and the moment true hope entered the world for the first time. Being with your whole family, eating amazing food, giving each other gifts that will either make you laugh until you cry, or cry because of the amazing thought and love put into them. It is the season of Michael Buble, hot chocolate, snow, gorgeous lights everywhere, and Christmas music...oooohh the Christmas music!! But you get the point, ITS CHRISTMAS!

Branson- Ice cream and shopping. Everywhere. Not to mention the Dixie Stampede, Silver Dollar City, Hurts Donuts, water parks, wax museums, mini golf, and any type of live show you could possibly think of! But guys, Christmas in Branson is SO FREAKING AMAZING. It's like getting married under the Eiffel Tower or like that time I found both Baskin Robbins AND Dunkin' Donuts in the SAME kiosk at an airport in Delaware.....both are so amazing but smash 'em together and...!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally, there are soooo many lights and the tallest Christmas trees and brb crying cause I can't even handle just talking (typing) about it I love it so much :')

Kaelyn and Natalie- You know those people who no matter what you're doing or what mood you're in or whatever, you will ALWAYS have a great time with them? The kind of people that are sweet and funny and silly and encouraging and beautiful and adventurous and use too many conjunctions (jk thats just me)??? Well guess what, that's Kaelyn and Natalie.          Recommendation: Go on a trip with your best friends. Whether its to the next small town over, across the country, or all the way across the world. And I mean the best of friends. Like, I know for sure I'll be able to tolerate you for more than 48 hours and actually enjoy your company kind of friends. The ones that won't call you weird for bringing your camera literally everywhere and don't get embarrassed when you do crazy things in public (dO iT fOr ThE vInE).

So basically, we had a blast! Here's a video I made to let you in on all the fun...(first vlog. WAAAT)

(Special thanks to the kid in the Frosty the Snowman suit at Silver Dollar City. Other than us, you were the only one decked out for the holidays....people of Branson, step up your game a bit plz & thx)